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How Fanzia Solves the "Developing League Dilemma"

Developing leagues today have the same problem which seems unsolvable. With a tight small league budget, leagues officials often lack the resources required to invest in the improvement of their live streams necessary to scale audience viewership which can be monetized by sponsored segments during live matches. This leaves leagues with only one option to generate revenue, charge players to play in the league.

The reality is the players want to be paid! The quality talent will then look for other opportunities to play local sports, leaving the league with a thin talent pool to select. This means, no dunks, alley-oops, bicycle kicks, or hits out of the park. With little to no remarkable highlights to post, it’s hard to get audience, friends of athletes, and live spectators to share those remarkable moments which is necessary to gain social media traction. Layups do not go viral!

Low quality live streams combined with bad marketing strategy causes:

  1. Low audience engagement and growth

  2. Diminishing advertiser demand for sponsorship sales

  3. Thin talent pool who choose join other more popular organizations

  4. Wasted marketing spend on unconverting results

We call this, the "Developing League Dilemma". Fractured media coverage of developing leagues discourages sponsorships required to invest in professional broadcasting and marketing to achieve audience growth.

It isn't about fancy lights and sounds. It's about providing easily accessible, high-quality broadcasts in multiple angles with highlight reels, at a reasonable price, without putting unnecessary obstacles in the way for leagues that are understaffed. It's about giving athletes the right exposure while giving fans what they want then finding new ways to reach them through their devices It's also about bridging the gap between local viewers and an international audience of fans, scouts, coaches and fostering closer relationships between clubs.

Real-time footage allows us to watch the game in greater details and more angles, getting a better look of ice than the players. It enables organizations to engage their audiences better. And it can be placed directly on live platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

With the right partner specializing in solving this challenge, developing sports organizations can enjoy increased fanbase excitement, participation, engagement, and growth while decreasing tech development, overhead, and other operational costs. Fanzia is the leading all-in-one Developing leagues live game production, distribution, and fan engagement platform and our mission is to help sports organizations improve engagement, sponsorships, and sales through professional live streaming, media strategy, and engagement incentivization.

No more streaming games on standalone channels without any commentators or designs, filmed at one angle, while posting low conversion social media content. By working with our customers, we developed a playbook with the most effective tactics to generate commercial appeal for new sponsors and fanbase, participation while decreasing tech development, overhead, and other operational costs. Our technology and staff enable leagues to reach more fans, grow their audience and generate more revenue via our exclusive fan-centric broadcasting experience and digital products. Fanzia's comprehensive solution enables organizations to:

  1. Monetize their events and through sponsored segments in livestreams

  2. Keep recurring sponsors happy with more exposure by attaching their brand to exclusive rewards

  3. Increase audience growth by publishing collaborative using featured content and quality highlights with athletes and sponsors

  4. Get fans excited and engaged through content strategy and rewards gamification

By working with our customers, we developed a playbook with the most effective tactics we discovered to increase the commercial appeal for new sponsors, leverage social reach of athletes, and keep sponsors pleased to renew their partnerships for the following season.

Our results speak for themselves! In 2022, we partnered with the AABA Pro-Am League based in Los Angeles. AABA retained Fanzia to create compelling and engaging content for each live streamed basketball game. By creating live stream elements, sponsored segments, and a post-game uploading system, Fanzia helped AABA increase viewership for the Fall 2022 Season and exponential growth to their YouTube page.​ As a result of more professional streams, weekly playlist creation, and thumbnail integration, AABA's YouTube continues to provide high quality content to more viewers, subscribers, followers, sponsorship revenue, and all sponsors have committed to renewing and even expanding the sponsorship spend for the league in the upcoming season. Fanzia is not just another marketing platform – it’s an tech and talent-based solution to help sports teams build next-level relationships with fans, and professionally distribute live content around the athletics program in any sports and any level. Amplify your engagement rate, activate micro-influencers, and drive effective user-generated content - all in one platform!

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