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Everything we do is for the Fanz

It all started last year when we were talking about our favorite soccer teams, discussing our favorite players, and the pain or joy we experience whenever they play. All of a sudden we realized that these teams have absolutely no idea who we are…..even though we are die-hard fans who constantly engage with their content and demonstrate loyalty regardless of whether they win or lose.

We gave it some thought and spoke to some other fans. Through our research, we were able to see that fans are underwhelmed by these “loyalty programs” that just push more products and collect as much personal data as possible. They’re also disappointed at the random giveaways, that don’t really account for longtime engagement and are based on luck of the draw.

We also spoke to some teams across various leagues coming to the understanding that many of them are looking for better ways to engage with their top fans, reward loyalty, and make the fansumer experience more dynamic. But there really isn’t a good way to track customer behavior, communicate with fans directly, and offer co-creative social engagement opportunities to their fans.

In the midst of a global pandemic, our company Fanzia was born with the mission to create an immersive digital channel through which fans can be rewarded for their loyal engagement, and build a more authentic connection between sports and e-sports teams, athletes, music artists, content creators, celebrity and entertainment brands, and die-hard fans. 

We continue to evolve in a word that changes by the millisecond, and we're always looking for new partners, discovering technologies, testing products, and empowering diverse micro-communities of fans with our platform.

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