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Fanzia Announces Launch Date for Its Flagship IOS App

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Download, Play, Earn, and Redeem!

Los Angeles— October 27, 2022Fanzia announces the launch of it’s long-awaited IOS App which is scheduled for December 2022. The app will allow fans to follow some of their favorite artists, teams, athletes, streamers, and content creators, and engage with them on a level that is unprecedented. Fans can complete challenges, rank up their fandom, and redeem their fan points for exclusive merchandise, experiences, shout-outs, digital collectibles, and other tokens.

After aggressive beta testing and securing key partnerships in parallel, Fanzia App is fully ready to be released to the marketplace. “When Fanzia was incorporated just over a year ago, the world was drastically different. We’ve had to iterate the product mid-development and consider how our app will cater to the democratization of fandom through web 3 technologies. We listened, and deliberately made additions and enhancements to the tech and rolled out a suite of marketing, creative, and advisory services to complement the positive impact of our app to the brands and ensured our offerings are consistent with our mission; to create and evolve an immersive channel through which fans can be rewarded for their engagement, dedication, and loyalty. We made sure to maximize our value proposition to both Brand customers and the fans, and at the end of it all, we feel like we’re just getting started” – said George Kekejian, CEO of Fanzia.

Fanzia celebrates this milestone with all the early believers in the project who have and continue to be excited about the development of the roadmap starting with the web 2 IOS App and all the way to the metaverse in the future, where Fanzia plans to build the world’s first sports, entertainment, and media virtual world. Fans can join the waitlist at to stay up to date on the progress.

Fanzia is not just another marketing platform – it’s an app-enabled solution to help brands build next-level relationships with fans, amplify organic engagement, activate micro-influencers, and drive safe and effective user-generated content. Brands can sign up to be a Fanzia partner at


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